Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A little more than he bargained for...

Whenever I have a question, I love to get onto yahoo answers, because:

1) generally, you find helpful answers from many different perspectives

2) Some of the questions and the answers are hilarious.

I've recently acquired two turtles (Tony and Tina), and I have a lot of learning to do regarding turtle care. So, do I go to the pet store? Buy a book? Why would I do that when I have yahoo answers! While flipping through yahoo's various questions regarding turtle care, I came across this little nugget, and I gotta tell ya, I was not disappointed:

As always, you get your useful answers:

Then, there are the hilarious answers:

Dude, according to Cece, your turtles are getting it on, leave them alone and let them do their thing..ya voyeur

And why did 2 people dislike her answer?? Cece, with her limited experience in turtles, is genuinely trying to help!

The poor author of this question must be embarrassed by the apparent lack of procreation knowledge on his part, because he quickly adds an addendum to his question:

I mean, I would be embarrassed, too if I found out about the birds and the bees on yahoo answers. That's what public school is for...

Unfortunately for the author, Cece was not the only person that thought along these lines:

You're no help at all, Jen...if his parents knew, he wouldn't have had to get on yahoo answers!

AND WHY do 5 people hate Jen's answer?? She couldn't have worded that answer any nicer than she did.

Why do some people just hate on others all the time?...

I guess it's back to yahoo answers...