Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Black Mirror

Today I started watching Black Mirror on Netflix. Something is incredibly unsettling about this show, I guess because I absolutely hate social media (which is weird, I know, considering I made this blog... but whatever it's my life).

Season 1 of Black Mirror opens on a day in age where your social media ratings drive everything in your life. Lenses can be placed in the eye to see everyone's social media rating without even having to look them up. As I'm writing this, I can imagine reading that summary and thinking, "that sounds incredibly stupid," and you might think that it is, but it really is very well done.

I made a conscious decision not to have kids. I married later on in my 20s- my husband in his 30s and we had established ourselves and enjoyed traveling too much to bother with kids. But I have a side job tutoring high schoolers and let me tell you- they think social media is everything.

As a young person, it seems like you can't escape it. They are obsessed with popularity and what other people think of them or what other people have. I, myself, got off facebook because I was starting to envy other people's perfect pictures they threw up there. Even as an adult, it's easy to get caught up in what you don't have.

As the saying goes:

Even owning a blog can bring you strife over how you size up to others.

 How can I get as many followers as those other people?
       Am I as funny as them?
               Do I sound as intriguing as everybody else I follow?
                    And then I take a step back...wait...I started this blog for me.

Do I want you to read it? Absolutely.
 Do I want you to find it funny? Damn straight I do.
But as long as I enjoy going back and reading my posts then is it important that I have as many followers as The Bloggess, or JenFul? Heck no.
 I'll probably never be as popular as them.

So hey...if you're reading this you're pretty cool. Don't compare yourself to others- it'll just bring you unneeded strife. And remember to tell yourself: