Thursday, March 16, 2017

Happy St. Patty's Day

Today is St. Patrick's Day! A day that Americans celebrate by getting drunk on green beer celebrating Irish Culture.

I found this list of interesting facts about leprechauns for you to mull over as  you're nursing your green-beer inducing drunken stupor tonight:

1. They weren't all that friendly


Leprechauns are creepy. They were never friendly. I mean- look at this guy:

 I'm pretty sure he's staring at my boobs- and what's he
                                                                         hiding behind his back? Probably drugs.

2. They didn't even live in Ireland

Apparently, the website says they're from some mid-Atlantic underwater island.

Well...leprechauns didn't live anywhere. They're fake.

3.  They were ALL male.

Well, that's just not true. Then where do baby Leprechauns come from?
And why did I find a picture of this on Wikipedia??:

4. They wouldn't fix your shoes that even a thing? I thought the elves got credit for that. Aren't leprechauns the ones that taunt you with a pot of gold and then drink your blood when you get to the end of their rainbow?.....pretty sure that's right...

    <----- Elves... NOT Leprechauns

5. The crock of gold and the shoes? They were added A LOT later

I think this list is a crock...

And what is with this shoe thing?

6. They were much smaller than you'd think

Well, as long as their pot of gold and their glasses of green beer are human sized...I'll let this one slide.