Friday, March 17, 2017

March Madness

If you love college basketball, this time of year is like Christmas for you.

For my husband, this time of year is really a time of mourning, because it marks the last of the good sports until football season comes back around. Sorry if you like baseball, but it just isn't exciting  our thing.

The sweet sixteen is about to start next week and we're all pretty excited, and guess who is in for the running:

That's right, punks!

Suck it, Kansas State! We're coming for YOU UCLA!

Somehow, even though the upsets have been rather benign, my bracket still sucks.  Yet again, I will not be taking any of Warren Buffet's money.

Why can't he grade on a curve? Obviously he's made the quiz too hard, and none of us are gonna get a perfect score. He should be rounding up- the selfish jerk.

Hope all of you are doing better than me, and remember...if you win the million-- I have plenty of student loans to pay off- I could be your tax write-off, because you're gonna owe a lot next year...