Saturday, March 18, 2017

Now who Explains it All?

Who remembers this little gem??

I found every season on vudu and have been watching all the episodes over again- and they rock just as much as they did in 1991...

In the 90s, I couldn't wait to get home from school so I could catch episodes of Saved By the Bell, Step by Step and Growing Pains.

However, as a pre-teen going into my formidable teenage years that these shows were full of teenage angst and drama. 

 Kelly chose Zack over Slater?? Slater was SO much hotter...

Was Zack gonna pass his senior year??

Why did Jesse take those stupid caffeine pills and go crazy?!

 Were these things going to happen to me??

Clarissa Explains It All was completely different...she was in control. Things were smooth sailin' with her. She had it all planned out. I mean, who else could have kept an alligator in a kiddie pool in the corner of her bedroom and it behave perfectly? Only she could have pulled that off. 

 If they're gonna bring back all these shows like 90210, Full House and all those iconic shows we all grew up with...skip the teenage angst and go straight to the girl who could explain it all.

I'd watch that!