Friday, March 17, 2017

Sad News...

Today I ran into a news story that was particularly depression and a bit of an outrage to me:

You can read the article here

Anytime that you read a heading that forms a question around whether or not you should do something you enjoy...generally it causes cancer, is bad for your heart, will take years off your life, or will piss people off. But this...this is taking it a step too far:

The article summarizes that hugs actually stress dogs out, and that just hurts my heart. My dogs live for hugs. They LOVE hugs.

What do you know, Christine?? You write for the New York Times ya weirdo.

Then, I scrolled down to find this picture:

Way to lead people on with your stupid story title, Christine. Of course you shouldn't hug your dog like shouldn't hug anyone like this unless it's your husband on date night.

I was pleasantly surprised that twitter was an uproar after this story was published. My favorite tweet so far:


So you can suck it New York Times. The only thing that won't be getting hugs from now on is you.