Saturday, March 18, 2017

San Andreas: Action Movie or Horror Flick?

San Andreas is a pretty good movie it looks like, I'm watching it now.

I must have imagined this, because it's all earthquake so far...but I thought I heard that aliens come out of the fault and that's what has caused all the earthquakes, but I'm thinking that I must have been drunk dreaming when I heard that tidbit.

So the reason I'm writing this particular entry is because, well I'm a total nerd. So during the movie, I decided to look up the actual probability of the tectonic plates that run along the San Andreas fault line shifting and causing a major earthquake.

It's not good, folks. Looks like if you live in California, you better make sure your house is earthquake proof.  Google predicts that the probably of a major earthquake hitting the San Andreas fault line is pretty much guaranteed.

Google, however, predicts that aliens coming out of the San Andreas fault is pretty low.