Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Vanna White Blacklisted??

The other day I woke up and looked on the internet to find this horrifying news:

I. almost. lost it.

Seriously?? Vanna White is more popular than Pat Sajak

WHY would they choose to SACK Vanna White?? She's timeless! She could by a cyborg for all we know! All we can really do is guess how old she is- she doesn't age!

Who else could touch those letters with such grace and elegance??
Her dismissal is an outrage!

Then I scrolled down to find this:

First of all, thank goodness it's false...

Second of all... this media group created this farce to cause pandemonium among those over 65 years old (which is kind of cruel if you ask me...) however,  they refer to Vanna White as a SERVANT??

Oh no you didn't....

Empire News, this is 2017, not 1950. Women don't SERVE consonants and vowels to their husbands anymore. Women's Lib, We Can Do It!, and so on and so forth...

From now on I think Vanna should host the show and Pat can stand up there and spin letters like a piece of meat...(Burning my bra as we speak)

 (but not really...)