Sunday, March 26, 2017

We bought a bed!

So our mattress was a pile of we decided to get a new one.

This blog post is meant as a warning:
Do NOT go to a Sleep Number mattress WILL buy a bed there.
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The entire store is composed of different mattresses you can chose from, and it's like a little "walking" tour where you lay on a mattress, the salesman explains how this mattress functions and what it's made of and why you should buy it, then leaves you alone for about 10 minutes, where, inevitably, we were going to fall asleep because I am a night shift-er and Jeremy is a grad school student. We pretty much ran around the store doing this:

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When you first walk in, they lure you to a mattress where they determine your sleep number. Both Jeremy and my sleep number was 45, and he could program all the mattresses to accommodate our number. 

There are 5 beds that you sample. Each one is a little more complex (and therefore more expensive) than the last one you tried, until ultimately you end up on the big dog- like a mattress to end all mattresses. This thing can heat or cool your body, has a massage function, will raise or lower your head and even has a 0 gravity function which takes pressure off your lower back. 

Which one do you think we bought? 

You're right. 

There's a reason you try the nicest bed last. Because you instantly want it. Literally, laying there fore 10 minutes I felt like a new woman. I'm pretty sure I discovered how to solve world hunger, cure cancer and finally please my mother- that's how good that mattress is. 

I want that bed NOW. However, I have to wait until Friday, which seems like an eternity from now. 

You ever seen this commercial where the couple in their sleep number bed is doing this?:
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That's because a sleep number bed will fix your marriage, and now this how you sleep. 

Oh and did you know you could finance a bed? Because we just financed our life away...

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